“Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience.”

-Jon Kabat-Zinn

Though the word meditation has an ancient philosophical ring to it, it is being widely practiced by people seeking peace in their hectic lifestyles. Mindfulness meditation is linked with the growth of mind. It improves the level of awareness about what you are doing, along with giving in-depth insights about what is going around. However, we cannot just tie mindfulness meditation to mental development. It affects both the mind and body simultaneously. In various researches, it is found that mindfulness meditation helps in remodeling the brain’s physical structure. 


According to Buddhist teachings, meditation is an essential part of religion. The path of enlightenment could only be achieved through meditation. By practicing the same daily, it is said that one can unravel the most profound truth hidden in mind. Precisely, the person meditating can have an ultimate religious experience. Lord Buddha also attained enlightenment by acing the art of meditation. 


As per the recently held research, mindfulness meditation has garnered a lot of attention. They have shared that learning to understand the current situation and accepting the same with no judgment is a secular approach of mindfulness meditation. The same brings happiness and peace in the lives of the practitioners. Mindfulness meditation is also believed to have a psychological impact on the people practicing the technique. 


Mindfulness meditation has helped people in curing anxiety, sleeplessness, emotional reactivity, improved mood, and infused positive emotions. The meditation technique is very popular in South Asian countries. There are schools where mindfulness meditation is taught. A good number of these schools are found in Singapore as well. 

Along with South-Asian countries, the world is gradually accepting the virtue of mindfulness meditation. The concentration of the religion is moving from India and reaching to the rest of the world. There has been a research conducted to test whether the technique can cure severe issues like heart ailments, Alzheimer’s, and improve the immune system. The results have been astonishing. The simple procedure of mindfulness meditation has reflected the change in the medical reports of the patients suffering from the above-mentioned diseases. 

How mindfulness meditation affects you positively?

Diseases like heart ailments, hypertension, diabetes have taken many lives on the globe. Any technique or practice that can show minor improvement is considered substantial. Mindfulness meditation has helped people suffering from heart ailments. The patients who have adopted meditation with their regular medicine felt improvement in health within a week. The reason behind the same is believed to be the breathing exercise that improves heart condition and increases the chances of surviving heart attacks. 


Another critical illness that falls under the radar is Alzheimer’s. The aging process affects the functions of the brain, and as a result, the patients start forgetting things. Along with medicines, mindfulness meditation has shown excellent results, and patients have recovered steadily. The meditation calms the nerves of the brain and reduces stress. Thus, the cognitive decline gets mitigated. This meditation technique works on concentration, memory, executive functioning, and processing. 


Presently, the world is battling a highly contagious disease named COVID-19. The current call of the moment is to keep the immunity at best. Mindfulness meditation has proven to be a miraculous immunity booster. The meditation technique has disease-fighting power and, thus, improves the immune system. 


After learning the benefits of mindfulness meditation, we hope you are curious to practice the meditation. Here is the stepwise chart to explain the meditation technique. 

How to ace the technique of meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is also like breathing but with an aim to awaken the mind. The same would help in learning about the surroundings, how, and when things take place around us. We are here with the guide to learn the process of meditation. 

Step 1: Find a comfortable seat to place yourself. The comfort level plays a vital role in meditation. Thus, finding a place where you feel relaxed and composed is important. 

Step 2: Check the position of the legs. The feet should touch the floor while sitting either on the floor or on a chair. 

Step 3: Place the hand on the lap. The correct technique to do so is to raise your hands parallel to the upper body. Let your hand drop, and they would be placed in the right position. 

Step 4: Keep your back straight. The upper body should be straight but not too stiff. The posture should be comfortable. 

Step 5: Drop your chin. The position of the face should be downward. 

Step 6: Concentrate on breathing. The breath would flow on the body as the face is in the downward position. Feel the sensation of the air and slowly breathe in and breathe out. 

Step 7: Don’t force yourself to eliminate thoughts hovering in mind. Try to return to the breathing concentration whenever you feel distracted. 

Step 8: Need for physical adjustment is natural: The need for physical adjustment is natural. While sitting at a place, one may feel itchy, thirsty, or anything that might require physical adjustment. Whenever you feel the need to move, practice the pause during meditation technique. 

Step 9: Practice to return to the meditation state despite distractions. The mind would keep getting distracted. However, we have to train our brains to keep returning to the meditation state.  

Step 10: Slowly bring the chin up and open your eyes (if closed). After opening your eyes, you will see the difference in you. 


The benefits of mindfulness meditation are elaborately explained above. The application of the practice would bring peace and would help in improving health too. There are techniques of mindfulness meditation for sleep and mindfulness meditation for anxiety that can cure the patients without any medication. The practice covers almost everything when it comes to mind and body. Mindfulness meditation and how it is practiced is explained above. The steps are simple to adopt. Due to its medicinal and psychological benefits, we are sure that the technique would gain more popularity in the future.

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