The land of Buddha where Gautam Buddha is said to have spent his lifetime holds numerous treasures. From beautiful crafts to healthy produces, there are some unique varieties that the world is unknown to. BuddhaHome visions to bring the land of Buddha under Global lens. We strongly believe in the riches this land holds and want to bring prosperity to the region. Thus, we have connected to remote sellers to identify their products and analyze marketing possibilities with the aim to GiveBack to the region that endows us with numerous gifts. By sourcing the produce of local farmers and artisans we wish to expand their market thus ensuring economic prosperity.

Girl Child Education

BuddhaHome’s efforts to GiveBack to the region, are not limited to just acting as a link between the local sellers and the market. We wish to contribute towards the betterment of society and what better way than working towards Girl Child Education. The states of U.P. and Bihar have one of the lowest literacy rates with even lesser opportunities for Girl Child Education. While some progress has been made towards the cause over the past years, but the present situation isn’t that acceptable. We wish to do our bit for the welfare of society by promoting Girl Child Education. BuddhaHome pledges to uplift the region by contributing 1.8% of its revenue towards Girl Child Education.

In our bid to help society, we have started with the very base. We have joined hands with a Not-for-Profit Organization: Children of the Mother Earth (CoME). The organization helmed by Mr. Ravi Rai Manas works towards providing shelter and education to the street children. Initially started by Mr. Ravi in 1998 in his ancestral home of Gorakhpur, the organization is currently running 4 centers in North India (Delhi and Uttar Pradesh). The state of poverty in India is quite high with the condition of children quite pitiable. As per statistics conducted in 2009 around 1.8 million children die before the age of 5. Children are the future of the world, hence it is important to uplift their living conditions. CoME has been working towards this cause and providing underprivileged children shelter and education that gives them a sense of safety, self-esteem, and possibility.

CoME believes that the world is one big family and being a part of a family, we must help each other. The centers of CoME are called “Apna Ghar” (translating to Our Home). The name to the centers was given by the children themselves as they give them a sense of belonging. The man behind CoME, Mr. Ravi Rai is an inspiration for everyone out there. Born and brought up in Singapore, Mr. Ravi left his stable job in Singapore as a Civil Engineer and came to India with all his life savings to work towards the welfare of the underprivileged children. He has been doing a commendable job over the past 20 years. He has saved the lives of numerous children and provided them a nurturing environment. Recognizing his humanitarian work in India, Mr. Ravi Rai was awarded the Singapore International Foundation award in the year 2002. It was just a beginning, as the man has received numerous accolades for the work he has been doing.

BuddhaHome realizes its responsibility towards society and vows to work towards its betterment. We hope that our small steps now shall bring economic prosperity to the local farmers and artisans while also improving the lives of children.