Buddhism is a quite popular religion in South-east Asia and has a wide number of followers all across the world. From Singapore to Cambodia extending to Japan, one can find various forms of Buddhism influenced by the local cultures. But as you will delve into the history of its origination, you will find that Buddhism has its roots in India. BuddhaHome delves into those regions where Buddhism originated and from thereon flourished worldwide.


Gautam Buddha whose teachings form the basis of the foundation of Buddhism spent all his life in India. From his place of birth to the place where he spent his adulthood days, followed by the places he traveled to spread his knowledge and where he attained Nirvana, all these lie in India and we call this region as the BuddhaHome region.

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Gautam Buddha was born in the beautiful grove of Lumbini which lies close to the Indo-Nepal border while his mother was traveling to her father’s city Devadaha and was named Siddhartha. Being born to the Shakya king, Siddhartha led a princely life filled with all the luxuries. He spent the first 29 years of his life in Kapilvastu, located in Uttar Pradesh, India. The sufferings in the world moved him and he decided to find an answer to them. Thus, Gautam Buddha left his life of luxury to find the real meaning of life.


Curious to learn, Gautam Buddha wandered through the regions of Northern India and met numerous teachers who could help him to find his answers. But, none of the teachings satisfied him. As such, he decided to find the answers himself. Legend says that it was while meditating under the Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya that he attained supreme knowledge.

Buddha traveled to spread his learning

After attaining enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, Gautam Buddha traveled to various regions to spread his learning. From Bodh Gaya, near Uruvela, he traveled to Benaras (Varanasi) and Isipatthana (Sarnath), and thereon he went to Rajagraha (Rajgir).

According to Pali Tipitaka, Buddha traveled through the cities of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to profess his teachings. It is stated that he used to travel for the nine months of the year and took rest only in the three months of the rainy season. It was even difficult for his disciples to know where he was. The long journey he commenced is stated to cover a region that sums to the radius of 300 sq. km. corresponding to around 200,000 sq. km.


If we try to locate his traveled areas, it can be assumed that in the north, he did not go farther than the foothills of the Himalayas as the dense forests were impenetrable. In the south, he went up to the Ganges watershed. In the east, Gautam Buddha traveled till Kajangala (present-day Kankjol which is 18 km south of Rajmahal) and in the west, the farthest he went was Mathura. The prominent regions that he traveled in this area were Savatthi (Shravasti), Vesali (Vaishali),  SankassaNalanda, Rajagraha (Rajgir), and Kosambi (Kaushambi). Some other lesser-known sites blessed by his presence are PatnaChampapuri, and Ayodhya.

Our Goal

Buddha traveled for 45 years, spreading his knowledge and teachings. It was at the age of eighty that he breathed his last in Kushinagar and attained nirvana. The places where Buddha traveled and lived hold prime importance in Buddhism. BuddhaHome wishes to revive these lost pages of Buddhist history and connect you with the rich secrets that behold the blessings of Buddha.

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