Around the 4th-5th centuries B.C., the world clocked intellectual ferment. This was the time of great thinkers like Confucius and Laozi, Socrates, and Plato. In India, the time was unfolding Buddha’s teachings, after he passed away, a religion developed named Buddhism that eventually crossed oceans. BuddhaHome Terracotta Statue of Buddha connects you with the spiritual essence of the religion, showering his blessings.

Siddhartha, who further became the Buddha, was born in Lumbini, a small kingdom stretching in the Himalayan foothills. It is said that Siddhartha’s conception was divine. Eventually, the birth was miraculous, to which sages revealed that he either would become a global conqueror or a sage who would be the guiding light for the world. Apparently, the latter prediction turned outright.

Buddha has spent most of his life preaching vast numbers of converts and faith. After his death, the body was cremated, as per Indian customs.

In the first century A.D., the image of Buddha came into artistic existence. It first appeared in India’s northwestern frontier. The Buddha statues soon garnered popularity and were openly accepted by the world. 

There are numerous Buddha statues available in the market that are made by using different kinds of materials. Well, despite multiple options, Terracotta Buddha statues top the list.  Terracotta craft of local artisans of Gorakhpur region is quite famous. The artists are known for their intricate terracotta skills. As such, Gorakhpur terracotta has been GI tagged. The farmed clay aka terracotta Buddha statues is made from the soil of Aurangabad village located in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur district. Aurangabad village of Gorakhpur district near Kapilvastu holds high significance in Buddhism.   

Terracotta Art: BuddhaHome Terracotta Statue
Terracotta Art

Significance of Buddha Statues 

The human appearance of Buddha in the statues is a few centuries old but holds a great value in the present time. The idol-worshipping culture of the Hindu culture is believed to leave a mark in Buddhism. 

The Buddha statues popular in the current time have no less value as they aren’t merely a physical depiction of Buddha. Each statue has a specific meaning. Each posture, pose,  expression, hand gesture, etc. is telling one or another story of Buddha’s teachings or life. Almost 100 different poses have been illustrating the life of Buddha in these statues. Each pose is called an asana, and the hand gesture is referred to as a Mudra. 

Talking about the appearance, in the place known as Gandhara, artistic elements of the Hellenistic world joined with the symbolic need to express have created a unique style. Youthful Buddhas with hair appearing as the wavy curls look exactly like Roman statues of Apollo; the monastic robe arranged in heavy classical folds resembles a Roman toga. Similarly, multiple appearances resemble something and have a deep meaning. 

BuddhaHome Terracotta statue

BuddhaHome Terracotta Statue
BuddhaHome Terracotta Statue

Terracotta is a type of earthenware; somewhat a clay-based sometimes unglazed or glazed ceramic with the fired body that gives a porous appearance of statues. BuddhaHome is bringing Terracotta soil made Buddha statues with a divine aura. The soil used in making these statues has been brought from the four main Buddhist Pilgrimage sites: Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath, and Kushinagar. 

Indian sculpture has shown evidence of using Terracotta since the Indus Valley Civilization. in the Gupta period relatively large figures, up to life-size statues were made by Terracotta. As compared to bronze or any metal sculpture, terracotta sculpting has been far simpler and quicker. Smaller details are impractical to carve in stone, but can easily be accomplished in Terracotta. Thus, BuddhaHome terracotta buddha statue keeps the detailing in check. As each and every detail in the posture of the Buddha says something, BuddhaHome statues have made sure that perfection is attained to the top-notch. 

Enhance Your Living Space with BuddhaHome Terracotta Statue

The eye-soothing Terracotta Buddha Statue is a unique product by BuddhaHome. Lord Buddha is said to be the embodiment of truthfulness, improves concentration, peacefulness,, fortune, and enlightenment. The religious and spiritual idol needs to be placed in the northeast direction of the living or the pooja room, and the result would be substantial. This piece of structure will add oomph to your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, and temple. Gautam Buddha showpiece will surely catch attention and additionally enhance the beauty of your home. The sculpting is meticulously done to carve the beauty to the epitome as Buddha himself. Settled on the lotus wooden base, the buddha terracotta statue signifies the importance of lotus in Buddhism. Lotus stands as a sign of purity and divinity. It is encased in a glass cover that protects the statue and further enhances its beauty. BuddhaHome Terracotta statue is a masterpiece of craftsmanship from the gifted artists of India. It brings forth the blessings from the Real Land of Buddha.

Buddhism has gained popularity in South-Asian countries for quite a long time now. Buddhism in Singapore and places nearby has a vast influence on the local population which is attracted by the simplicity and divinity associated with the faith. The sculpture helps in meditation and has an eco-friendly advantage attached to it. The calmness carved in the terracotta structure will surely help you calm your nerves.