Incense has played a major role in the prayer rituals of the major religions of the world including Buddhism. The burning of incense is a practice that is more than an act of devotion. The fragrant smoke of the incense calms the minds, sets the ambience to meditate and prepares the entire being to heed to the spiritual calling. All sects of Buddhism believe in the practice of burning incense. The burning of the incense sticks is believed to be a way to honor Lord Buddha, his Dharma (teachings) and the Sangha (his disciples & followers). As a tribute to Buddhist philosophy, BuddhaHome brings a range of luxurious incense sticks that connect you with nature. Dive into the serenity of Buddha with BuddhaHome Incense Sticks.

Incense sticks are typically derived from herbs, flowers and other natural sources. The fragrance from the incense sticks is known to spread far and wide, slowly purifying the surroundings. It is said that like the incense sticks burn to emit fragrance, everyone must understand the necessity to burn away negative qualities in order to reveal the pure and spread good deeds. Also, the smoke from burning incense that rises and dissolves into the air, reminds one of the temporary nature of existence.

The History of Incense in Buddhism

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The use of incense can be traced long back in history. All the major religions of the world practiced the burning of incense sticks. In Buddhism too, incense has always been a part of the prayer rituals since the very start. The practice continued over the centuries that followed.

In the Pali Canon, scriptures that date to the life of the Buddha, incense is mentioned frequently. There is one incidence that states that incense first appeared as a repellent for mosquitoes and insects. According to a tale, during one of the Buddha’s sermons, a monk thoughtlessly swatted a mosquito. Realizing how his reflex was so strong that it would lead to a murder of a being, he was horrified. Even Buddha was drawn to the incident. He ordered that while meditating or concentrating on Dharma teachings, incense needed to be lit in order to keep the insects away and to prevent the needless taking of lives. As a result, incense sticks became customary at gatherings, prayers and meditation.

The Use of Incense in Buddhism and Our Daily Lives

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Burning Incense at Altars during prayers

Incense is a part of every Buddhist ritual. From gatherings to assemblies, meditations to prayers at the altar of Buddha, the burning of incense features as one of the eight offerings. Along with food, drinks, flowers, and even garments, incense is a common offering that is given as a sign of respect or reverence. Besides the altar of Buddha, these can be given to the monks or even during charities.

The fragrance from the incense sticks is known to purify the surroundings. Whether it is a meditation hall or your own room, the aromas create a tranquil mood. In many Buddhist schools and gatherings, three sticks are burned together that signify the Three Gems- the Buddha, the dharma (teachings), and the sangha (community).

Besides the symbolic meaning, burning an incense stick while chanting or meditation practice helps you in focusing. The fragrant aromas create a pure space for connecting at a spiritual level. Besides, it also keeps insects and other beings that might disrupt or distract at bay. The aroma is believed to have added benefits of enhancing concentration as it easily masks other unpleasant or distracting odors. Many Buddhist followers use an incense stick to measure the time duration of their meditation session.

BuddhaHome Incense Sticks

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