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Buddha’s gift to mankind: BuddhaHome rice

“This rice will have typical aroma which will always remind people of me”  – Gautam Buddha

Source – Wikipedia
BuddhaHome Rice (Kalanamak Rice)

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Gautam Buddha, the sage and philosopher on whose teachings Buddhism is based, spent his entire life in India. His birthplace, the place where he spent his youth, attained enlightenment, regions where he preached and the place where he reached Pariniravana, each site beholds his blessings. This entire region where Buddha lived and taught his learnings sums up to around 200,000 sq km. We call this region the BuddhaHome Region.

BuddhaHome comprises some of the most important sacred sites of Buddha. The land is truly gifted and echoes with his simple teachings.

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BuddhaHome takes you to the less explored land of Buddha enriched with his stories and blessings.

BuddhaHome Rice

BuddhaHome brings you the finest quality rice
from India, the real home of Buddha.

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